Transfer Credits: Manor College to Moravian College

After graduating from Manor College I immediately transferred to Moravian College. Moravian did a great job recruiting me as a transfer student, and quickly sent me my credit evaluation.

Luckily all of my courses transferred, but over half of my classes transferred as electives. Therefore, take note that even if your admissions counselor says, “All of your courses will transfer,” your credit transferring problems are probably not over! Make sure you know how to petition for credit. As a transfer student, electives don’t help much when transferring; it’s practically guaranteed that you’ll have more electives than you know what to do with after transferring.


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How to Dominate Your Class Schedule


One of the most important steps that happens before you even begin classes at your new school is signing up for them! This is something to be aware of especially if you enter the lull between getting your acceptance notification, squaring away your housing situation, and transferring credits. Below, I will walk you through the process of picking classes:

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All But Three

It was all pretty exciting. Two years had gone by at community college and I was ready to transfer to a university in Chicago. I had planned for this since leaving high school. Go to community college, save a boatload of money, and then transfer out to a university after two years. It’s the same route a lot of other students take all over the country. Community college is really becoming a more and more popular option. Continue reading “All But Three”

How to Afford Your Dream College


TW How to Afford Your Dream School

You’ve gone through the whole transfer application process and have been accepted to the university of your dreams. Yet, one of the most difficult but common setbacks before even attending the school is the question of whether you and your family can afford your dream school, especially after the shock of seeing how much tuition costs or how little financial aid you received. If you have your mind set on a certain school, but cannot attend because of financial reasons, read on for tips on how to afford your dream college:

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5 Painless Steps to Petition for Transfer Credit

Learn how to submit additional information to your transfer institution so that they re-evaluate courses completed at your previous institution.

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6 Reasons To Stop Transferring

I’m currently in the process of transferring to my second college in the last year. As you may or may not know, I graduated from Manor College a year ago, after which I immediately transferred to Moravian College. For several reasons, I decided Moravian wasn’t the best fit for me, and after taking a semester off, I am in the process of transferring to Temple University. I need to stop.


This is why transferring is a mess:

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Quarter to Semester Transfer Tips: Completing Your GE’s

When I was applying to transfer from the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB), to the University of Southern California (USC), I worried about how the credits I earned from the quarter system would transfer to semester credits. Here, I hope to explain this transition, as well as provide some advice on how to stay on track and even get ahead while transferring.

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Transfer Credits: Manor College to Temple University

twitter-profile-picIn this post, I’m sharing how my classes from Manor College transferred to Temple University. Maybe you’re a Manor student considering transferring to Temple, or perhaps you’re researching how courses transfer between colleges. Whichever is the case, I hope you find this post helpful!

I graduated from Manor College with an Associate’s in Business Management. At Temple University, I’m majoring in Marketing.

The following information is based off of my original credit evaluation.

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