Using Social Media in College

Today, students are plugged in like never before. The presence of social media in classrooms and in our lives can be huge and even overwhelming at times. On the other hand, there are a lot of ways to use social media to make your life easier and more efficient.


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Surviving a Long-Distance Relationship in College

img_0557My boyfriend and I started dating during our sophomore year in high school, went to college 3 hours apart, and now he’s in Europe while I’m in the United States. We’ve been together for 7 years and in a long-distance relationship for 5 of those years, normally seeing each other once every three months.

If you’re in a long-distance relationship, you know it has its challenges. If you’re in a relationship that’s turning into a long-distance relationship, you know the uncertainty that comes with it. This is what I’ve learned from my long-distance relationship (LDR): Continue reading “Surviving a Long-Distance Relationship in College”

3 Ways to Achieve Work-Life Balance

Whether you’re a freshman or a transfer living on your college campus for the first time, balancing your personal and academic life takes on a whole new meaning. All of a sudden, where you live and work also becomes the same place where you are socializing and enjoying yourself. Balancing these two aspects of your life can be tough, especially when the line between them blurs.

There’s a popular image that goes around of a triangle that says to pick two from getting good grades, your social life, and getting enough sleep. But we all know there are so many more commitments:


How do you achieve work-life balance and manage all of these obligations? Here are some tips:

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Slash Your Textbook Costs

tv-standWe all dread spending our hard-earned money on textbooks every semester. (Let’s not imagine the better things that money could be going towards…) These are some of the options to consider when buying textbooks, and our recommendations that will help you get your textbooks at a discounted price! Continue reading “Slash Your Textbook Costs”

How to Prepare for the Upcoming Semester


One key component to success during the semester is starting off strong, and one of the best ways to do that is to prepare for your classes ahead of time. Doing so will enable you to put all of your focus on your classes, rather than being distracted by things that you could have done before the semester started. If you complete these items before your classes begin, you’ll be on your way to achieving that “A”!

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New Year’s Resolutions for Transfer Students


The holidays are here, and that means a brief respite from nonstop classes and exams. It’s also a moment of reflection—whether you are a new transfer student or in your last year at your school, you can think back to all that has happened to you over the past quarter or semester. What were your successes? Failures? How can you capitalize on what you have learned to do better next year, both personally, academically, and professionally?

Fortunately, this is the perfect time to make some resolutions for next year. Here are some resolutions you can consider adding to your list:

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A Holiday Gift Guide for the Lovely & Organized Nerd

Being a complete nerd who can’t function without my life being organized and everything in its place, I thought I’d share a couple of items that I would recommend for other fellow organized nerds. However, these gifts can also work great for those who aren’t organized nerds yet, but would love to be! The beautiful items listed below are definitely sure to inspire any hot mess to clean up and place every aspect of their life in its proper boxes.

 photo Untitled_1.jpg

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5 Tips for Finals Week

It’s December, and that means finals are just around the corner for many of us. It doesn’t have to be a time full of misery though—lots of universities offer events, resources, and food for students during finals week.

For us transfers, there might be some perks that you may not be aware of at your new school. I wanted to share some that might be available to you:

TW - Finals Week.png

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4 Ways to Be Less Lonely as a Transfer Student

Many times, the hardest part for transfer students is when loneliness strikes – splitting from friends and having to make new friends is no easy feat. Today, I want to provide some less silly ways to meet people besides walking up to them and asking “Do you want to be friends?”


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How to Afford Your Dream College


TW How to Afford Your Dream School

You’ve gone through the whole transfer application process and have been accepted to the university of your dreams. Yet, one of the most difficult but common setbacks before even attending the school is the question of whether you and your family can afford your dream school, especially after the shock of seeing how much tuition costs or how little financial aid you received. If you have your mind set on a certain school, but cannot attend because of financial reasons, read on for tips on how to afford your dream college:

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