Surviving a Long-Distance Relationship in College

img_0557My boyfriend and I started dating during our sophomore year in high school, went to college 3 hours apart, and now he’s in Europe while I’m in the United States. We’ve been together for 7 years and in a long-distance relationship for 5 of those years, normally seeing each other once every three months.

If you’re in a long-distance relationship, you know it has its challenges. If you’re in a relationship that’s turning into a long-distance relationship, you know the uncertainty that comes with it. This is what I’ve learned from my long-distance relationship (LDR): Continue reading “Surviving a Long-Distance Relationship in College”

3 Ways to Achieve Work-Life Balance

Whether you’re a freshman or a transfer living on your college campus for the first time, balancing your personal and academic life takes on a whole new meaning. All of a sudden, where you live and work also becomes the same place where you are socializing and enjoying yourself. Balancing these two aspects of your life can be tough, especially when the line between them blurs.

There’s a popular image that goes around of a triangle that says to pick two from getting good grades, your social life, and getting enough sleep. But we all know there are so many more commitments:


How do you achieve work-life balance and manage all of these obligations? Here are some tips:

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Transferring in 1994

I am a non-traditional college student who has transferred. Currently, I am a full-time paralegal, part-time fitness instructor and single Mom to two girls ages 15 and 12.

I graduated high school in 1984 (anyone remember George Orwell?) and the first college I attended was Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, New York in 1985. Skidmore College was a small, Ivy League-ish, personal college where everyone knew each other and your professor called you by name. I spent a year there as a Pre-Law Major (Political Economy). As much as I tried to like it, the weather (a lot of snow) and the distance from home (3 ½ hours away) was not for me. I wanted to pursue a career in dance and at 19, it was then or never.


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