A Grateful Guest

In this guest blog post, Kirk shares his own experience as a transfer student from a unique perspective—having seen his twin go off to college, and as an older student. 

When I first came to State College, Pennsylvania, I was not there as a prospective student, but a supporting brother; my twin, Luke, was attending a summer orientation session full of mysterious acronyms and peppy undergrads, and I was merely a bystander. As a person who had enjoyed a quiet childhood in a small town that had been my home since birth, Penn State’s sprawling and regal campus felt alien and intimidating. However, even whilst being shuttled from place to place, losing my sense of direction with every change of location, the experience was warming and ultimately fueled my desire to visit my brother multiple times a year and eventually transfer there as a junior myself.

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Quick, Easy, Dorm-Friendly Microwave Recipes

Now that we’re several weeks into the semester, you’re probably starting to get tired of the same old dorm food (especially if you’re a picky eater like I am). French fries at dinner, hash browns for breakfast, and mashed potatoes during lunch. Break up the routine by cooking up some of your own food, in your microwave, with these simple recipes! Continue reading “Quick, Easy, Dorm-Friendly Microwave Recipes”

How to Dominate Your Class Schedule


One of the most important steps that happens before you even begin classes at your new school is signing up for them! This is something to be aware of especially if you enter the lull between getting your acceptance notification, squaring away your housing situation, and transferring credits. Below, I will walk you through the process of picking classes:

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