3 Great Schools for Transfer Students

Remember Sarah’s post at the beginning of May of this year providing a few proposals for colleges to consider? If you don’t remember, I don’t blame you – it can be tough to remember anything after cramming lots of information in your brain during finals season!

Today, I am bringing you a few great places to consider when looking for a transfer-friendly university to continue your learning.

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3 Ways to Get Ahead This Summer

I’ve just wrapped up my first year at the University of Southern California. It’s been a year of transition and difficulties and compromises, but also one full of amazing experiences, people, and classes.

But now that the year has come to a close, a common sentiment I hear is “now what?” As transfers, we’re often in a limbo where we are much more knowledgeable than freshman, but don’t quite have the same experiences as others who have never experienced transferring. One of the best things to do is to not spend the whole summer relaxing, but to continue attacking the next few months as if school were still in session. Here are some ideas on what steps to take:


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