What You Need to Know Before Transferring as a Sophomore

Sophomore Transfers-2

The stereotypical college transfer student that we think of are junior transfers, who spend two years at a community college and then transfer to a four-year university. Lesser known are the four-year to four-year school transfers.

What many don’t know is that many schools offer the opportunity to transfer after freshmen year. These are sophomore transfers, like myself. After transferring as a sophomore, and having the opportunity to speak with other sophomore transfers, here are some pros and cons about transferring as a sophomore:

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4 Reasons To Love Associate’s Degrees

In some fields, an Associate’s Degree is all you need in order to be successful. In others, a Bachelor’s Degree is required, and these days, sometimes that isn’t even enough. So why, in these fields where advanced degrees are needed in order to be competitive, should anyone want an Associate’s Degree? Good question, and I have some good answers:

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